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One of the most important features of your event is its style. Not surprisingly, event design trends tend to follow interior design trends. Here are four trends to consider for your next event:

Vertical Gardents

We’ll definitely see more greenery on the walls in 2020. Not only does it add beauty and texture to any space, but hedge walls and greenery can help reduce your carbon footprint since they typically reduce the amount of flowers you’d otherwise use to decorate your event, typically discarded after one use.

vertical garden


Event technology has many meanings, but recent trends are emphasizing gobos and projecting mapping. Not only is it an effective branding tool for your corporate event or wedding, but it’s a fantastic way to create a personal event signature. It’s also earth-friendly, since these effects can be achieved with zero waste.

wedding cake projection


Decorating your event with art makes a huge impact. Large murals can make great backdrops in addition to adding a design element. Art is also a great way to showcase a local artist while adding some style to your event.

Natural Elements

The earth has long been a source of inspiration for design and events. Stones, wood, fossils, geodes, and reclaimed wood are evident in all aspect of today’s design. Authenticity in sourcing is leading this trend. Other examples include reclaimed wood bars, and shells or geodes for escort cards or name tags.

wood tables

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