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Furniture and equipment rentals are an essential component of event planning. Whether you choose a boutique event rental business like Zen Event Rentals, or a full-service general event rental company, here’s a checklist of important factors to take into consideration:

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  1. Hidden Fees: It’s not difficult to gather prices for each item on your list and compute a total, but beware of hidden fees, which can cause budget bloat. It’s not unusual for rental companies to charge additional fees for processing, transfer, delivery and labor. Others may hike their rates on nights and weekends. When evaluating rental companies, be sure you’re comparing a whole quote to a whole quote.
  2. Planning Assistance: Can your rental provider help you determine in advance if everything will fit into your venue? Good rental companies can provide floor plans and CAD designs for most of the local event venues, so you can understand spacing constraints and get an accurate idea of the furniture configuration.
  3. Damage Policies: Be sure to review all property damage polices, and understand how your rental company defines property damage.
  4. Communication & Experienced Staff Members: An open line of communication with the event rental company staff is also important, as well as an assurance that someone at the company will be “on call” in the event something goes wrong. Will you be dealing with an experienced rental team or temporary / contract labor? Experienced teams know how to handle unexpected equipment emergencies.
  5. New Inventory: Ask to see the new stuff – at a minimum, it’s a source of inspiration. Most companies will allow you to come in and tour the showroom.
  6. Style Decisions: You have a vision of the perfect room, tablecloths and even the place settings. Be sure to determine if the company you’re considering can supply the rentals – and in sufficient quantities – to bring your vision to life.
  7. Multiple Events: If you’re holding a series of events and want to maintain a consistent theme, be sure you can get the same pieces for the all of the events on your calendar.

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