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Lounge furniture rentals are a growing trend for weddings, corporate events and social soirées. Plush velvet seating, chic coffee tables, sleek accent chairs, loveseats, and banquettes are now becoming a common budget line item. We’re seeing them in event venues, hotel ballrooms, under tents, and in vineyards and lawn settings.

Lounge seating offers a spot for guests to mingle comfortably away from the noise of the crowds while sipping on drinks or enjoying appetizers. A few beautiful furniture arrangements can also serve as a way to showcase your event theme, style and color palette, and it’s a great way to add flow to your layout and create some breaks in the floor space.

For event design and layout purposes, guests like to be in a prime spot where they can see the action. Often, the best spot is a bit off the dance floor or away from the food station so it’s quiet enough for a conversation, but not too far away to miss the fun.

What are the elements of a perfectly styled lounge? Most typically involve a sofa, coffee table, a couple of unique side chairs with side tables, and a beautiful rug. Splashes of color are also trending, including jewel tone velvets and textured throw pillows with gold accents.French-farmhouse-lounge-furniture

What’s trending in lounge furniture rentals? Here are a few things to know for 2020:

  • Color Forecast:  Brides and event planners are loving emerald green and sapphire blue velvets to create a swanky, night club vibe.  Nature-inspired hues are trending as well, including sage green, persimmon, yellow and peacock blues mixed with rattan, wood, and metals.
  • Great Gatbsy & Gold:  The Roaring 20’s are here again, and gold accents contribute well to a glamorous, opulent theme.  Mixing fabrics (velvet, linen and fur) is super dreamy!
  • Classic French Farmhouse: Exposed frame oak and linen seating, like the classic Louis Chair, creates a romantic setting, with neutral colors as the perfect backdrop for an organic color palette of rose, mauve, pink, powder blue and sage.
  • Rugs in Nature: A romantic furniture grouping on a rug outside is the perfect picnic, and it’s trending everywhere.

How to find the style you’re looking for?  Google it!  Using descriptive style terms such as “cosmopolitan lounge rental furniture,” or “luxury lounge furniture rentals” should point you to the right event rental furniture companies in your area.  Once you identify potential rental partners, reach out to schedule a warehouse and showroom tour so you can see and touch the furniture.  Sitting on the sofas and designing layouts in the showroom is the best way for both you and your event planner to create a beautiful lounge design.

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