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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important for event planners. Below are 7 tips on how to make your green event great.

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1. Go Paperless. Send invitations and Save the Date information electronically. Paperless Post offers beautiful online invitations and cards, and Evite is a widely used, efficient tool. There are also great online registration solutions, such as Cvent and EventBrite.

2. Recycle by Reusing. Think about the things you tend to use and buy for every event. Banners are a great example of an event prop that can be used for multiple occasions.

3. Get Your Suppliers Committed. Partner with businesses that want to save the planet, too. Food is a great place to start. For example, non-locally sourced food is not environmentally friendly.

Choose caterers who focus on locally sourced food products, and give your local economy a boost as an added bonus. Also, you can minimize waste by estimating food amounts through careful headcount planning. Another way to buy local is to hire local speakers who don’t need to travel.

4. Make Good Trash. Make sure to provide several recycling bins and make it easy for your guests to pitch in.

5. Signage. Clearly mark all recycling containers, provide energy and water conservation prompts. You can also point out which choices on the menu are from local and organic sources.

6. Decoration. As luck would have it, succulents are trendy this year. Select live plants; natural materials such as pumpkins, pine cones, organic community garden produce, and think about donating them presenters, local schools, hospitals, nursing homes or charities.

7. Boutique Event Rental. Identity an event rental company that uses recycled products and eco-friendly equipment.

8. Hotels and Venues. Consult a national list of green hotels for out-of-town guests. You can find a great list of eco-friendly hotels in Austin on Tripsavvy.

Green events are great ways to give back and demonstrate corporate responsibility. Every little bit counts!

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